September 16, 2016, 12:00 AM

Three Kinds of Money in My Wallet

On a recent trip from Suriname to Guyana I found three different kinds of currency in my wallet—US dollars, Suriname dollars and Guyana dollars. Wow, three kinds of money! I am starting to feel like a missionary again.

When I see money in my wallet, I realize it came from somewhere. As full-time missionaries, we are supported by faithful people who believe in what we are doing. Because of their giving, we were recently able to do things like:​​

—Travel to Guyana to preach and teach in the capital city.

—Give a children's Bible to kids in Suriname.

—Have Bible studies with a newly-baptized family.

—Work on Bible school notes and a discipleship book.

—Pay the rent on our apartment and put gasoline in our car.

You get the idea; it is through the generosity of others that we are able to be here, doing what we were called to do. So, to our faithful sponsors who make our missionary work possible, thank you for putting three kinds of money in my wallet. 

(Just in case you are interested, at the time of this writing 5,000 Guyana dollars is equal to 25 US dollars, and 100 Suriname dollars is equal to about 13 US dollars.)