August 17, 2016, 12:00 AM

This Too Is Missionary Work

"OK, this could take a while," I thought to myself as we entered the room. We were at the Ministry of Justice and Police in Paramaribo to get our passports stamped. The office was crowded with people waiting for the same thing. And it did take a while.

What a waste of time—waiting in an office to get our passports stamped again, when we could have been doing missionary work. 

Wait just a minute; did I say waste of time? Missionary work? I think it's time for a question and answer session to help me stay focused.

Why are we in Suriname?

To do missionary work. You know, like preaching, teaching Bible studies, baptizing people and starting new churches.

Why do we need to get our passports stamped every few months?

To allow us to legally remain in Suriname, so we can do the above-mentioned missionary work.

So here is my conclusion about waiting in an office to get our passports stamped—this too is missionary work.