November 17, 2016, 12:00 AM

He's Still at It

Thirty years ago our family first became involved in missionary work. It was in 1986 that we left Mississippi with two-year-old Justin and three-month-old Melissa in tow. We went as Associates in Missions to St. Maarten, in the Leeward Islands, where we spent nine months working alongside the pastor of a thriving United Pentecostal Church.

One of the first people we met after arriving in St. Maarten was Brother Norman Williams. A faithful member of the church, Brother Norman often came to church early to make sure things were in order and to open the doors for the services. I can still seem to hear his greeting as people arrived, a loud and hearty "Praise Him!"

And then the service would begin. Oh yes, the service would begin and Brother Norman would also begin. You see, he was an unofficial musician. When the music began he would pull out his instrument—a metal triangle—which he would beat in time with the music with a large metal spike. Often Brother Norman's worship became so exuberant that he would lay the triangle aside and dance before the Lord.

But it was not always that way. It seems Brother Norman once worked at the local rum factory, but lost his job because of drunkenness. And then he met Jesus, who forgave and delivered him. He was baptized in the name of Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. And he became a whole-hearted worshiper of the One who set him free.

The 2016 Caribbean Conference of the United Pentecostal Church was held in St. Lucia. When the first conference service began, I saw a familiar face and heard a familiar sound. Brother Norman Williams, now seventy-six years old, was right on the front row, playing his triangle and dancing before the Lord. After thirty years, he's still at it.  

Watch the clip below to see Brother Norman in action.

(Special thanks to Mark Smith for the photo and the video.)